Engrain Tactile Keys

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ENGRAIN TACTILE KEYS - The original textural wood modifier for Apple Keyboards. 
Designed and individually handcrafted in Brooklyn, NY.

COMPACT: Fits all wireless apple keyboards (Models A1314 and A1255)
STANDARD: Fits all wired apple keyboards with numeric keypad (Model A1243)

Engrain Keys install on top of your keys like solid wood stickers, turning your common keyboard into an individualized work of art that actually invites you to touch it back.  
Each set of keys is meticulously hand-worked to turn the natural wood grain into a 3D texture, and then cut in place to allow this smooth texture to flow seamlessly across the entire keyboard.  The result is not only uniquely natural, beautiful and inviting to touch, but the variation from key to key allows the touch sense to become more involved in typing and key recognition.  

Each set is sold in the original piece of wood that they were cut from, with an integrated installation system that uses the off-cut wood as a mounting bracket for simple and precise application of the keys.  

Material Information:  Engrain Keys are made using solid Sassafras wood sourced locally from the Eastern USA.  Each set is hand-buffed to be silky smooth to the touch, and then rubbed with Danish Oil, a penetrating finish that protects from within.  The keys sport a high performance 3M adhesive strong enough to withstand years of use, yet removable without damage to the keyboard.

Note: Engrain Keys do not fit laptops.